IBM Business Partner

A strategic partnership for everyone's benefit

Wiesberg is an active IBM Business Partner and member of IBM Advisory Board for IBM Cognos Controller.
Wiesberg stays one step ahead, ensuring our customers are always up to date; and have access to and are ready for the newest functionalities.

Tomorrow’s Technologies Available Today

As a member of IBM Advisory Board, we are in a unique position to gain valuable insights into developing technologies and software upgrades/updates. This directly translates in to a cutting-edge competitive advantage for our clients, as it allows us to tap in to and plan for tomorrow’s technologies, and the opportunities they bring, before the product even hits the market.

Stronger Together

We have a strong partner in IBM, with its great resources, technologies, man-power and knowledge. IBM’s level of expertise is aggregated through its own and its partners’ experience, providing Wiesberg with a vast pool of knowledge to draw on, in addition to our own personal experience.

We Are Here For You

Through our Business Partnership we are in an influential position to shape IBM innovation according to our clients´ needs. Through honest communication with IBM we work to ensure better and more powerful product experiences for our clients.