Integration & Consolidation

Solution by Wiesberg

With Integration & Consolidation you get

Digitized processes
Workflow management
Minimizes errors
& enables value creation
One truth
Data integrity
Data insights
Facilitates trust in data
& decision making
A single solution
Integrated environment
User-friendly interface
Makes it simple to adopt
& easy to appreciate

One Comprehensive Solution

Integration & Consolidation by Wiesberg provides your company with one comprehensive solution, which performs consolidation, performance management and business intelligence all in one. Your company can enjoy data integrity, confidence in your results and integration across all platforms even when new activities present themselves, because issues like incompatible programs won’t arise, when you are running a single solution.


We perform efficient and quick implementation and data integration to ensure minimized disruption period. Dedicated consultants will see your project through, who you can always turn to.
We deliver out of the box templates and reports, for your company to hit the ground running. You will have financial statements, analyses, KPIs and much more readily available to you and colleagues, in seconds, on a single platform.

Streamlining Workflows

Simplification is our expertise. We simplify and digitize processes and structure data, to ensure the most efficient set up and optimal use of database. To exemplify we build processes in chronological correct order to achieve the most effortless workflow and fastest execution of demands.

A Solution That Works

The Integration & Consolidation solution by Wiesberg has been thoroughly tested, so that you receive a solution that works, and not an experiment. The solution is built on standard software, free for anyone to develop and maintain (although maintenance is minimal). The solution is scalable and flexible. You can start small and add functionalities as company activities grow and needs change.

A New Status Quo

After implementing Integration & Consolidation, your new status quo is structured data, updated ownership structures, automated eliminations and many more advantages. The company financials, structures and processes become clear and accurate. Focus the company resources on creating value. Integration & Consolidation facilitates continual strategic planning and decision making by delivering relevant and exact data, allowing you to act on insights.

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