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The Software behind The Solution

The Budgeting & Planning Solution is built on the leading performance management software: IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1. The software runs on IBM’s powerful TM1 engine with in-memory cube technology. It is built to process vast amounts of data with agility and speed. The workspace is very user friendly, designed elegantly and customizable to fit into your company.

Plan Your Future

IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1 is your go-to tool for optimizing budgeting, planning, forecasting and analysis. The solution enables continuous planning, and reliable and ongoing forecasts. Test scenarios and assumption with what-if analyses. Data is tracked, approved and processed with the same standard, which ensures data validity. Everyone has access to the latest data via web, which also creates common ground and one truth.

The Big Picture

Wiesberg creates the necessary conditions for your company to focus on your goals and how to reach them. The solution enables integration across activities, financial tasks, analyses, realised data, financial results with budgeting and operational plans. You will gain the ability to follow up on and identify, how you are coming along with achieving your goals. Where you are on point and where you are deviating from said course. Zoom out to see the big picture, entire processes, how they interact, or zoom all the way in to see how it goes on business unit level.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Optimize your budgeting process with our solutions. You will need less resources to achieve same (and better) results. Vi automate procedures within budgeting, planning, forecasting and analyses. IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1 eliminates the need for spreadsheets, and thereby it solves issues connected with operating in Excel spreadsheets, like having several versions, errors arisen from manual typing and unsupervised inputs. But you can still work in Excel! The Planning & Budgeting solution allows you to enjoy all the benefits from working in one database with automated processes while keeping all the benefits from Excel’s familiar tools.

No need to worry about your data, spreadsheet and formulas anymore. Instead trust your data and focus company resources on activities that create added value.

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