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In Control

Wiesberg’s solution Financial Close & Consolidation provides you with current and accurate consolidation. It enables you to be in control of all data, from input until closing. Carry out closing, analyses and report generation in real time. Eliminations, currency conversions, reconciliation, consolidation and closing processes become automated. The solution is flexible and can easily and quickly be adapted to changing internal- and external conditions. The solution can be run and maintained by your own finance department.

Simplifying Workflows

Workflow management is a powerful tool, that provides you with unmatched transparency and control over data, processes and closing. The streamlining of workflows, and automation of processes further frees up time and resources necessary to dedicate to the task. With 200+ preconfigured reports you will be able to enjoy your solution from day one. Wiesberg provides you targeted models and reports, tailored to your company’s needs and workflows.

No Coding Needed

IBM Cognos Controller, the software running the solution, is entirely built on configuration. In practice this means that the finance department is able to run, maintain and update the solution, without the need for coding or the IT department. Therefore, the solution is not dependent on a single person’s knowledge.

Flexibility is Key

Changing conditions resulting in changing needs will not be an issue. Whether it is ownership or legislative regulation, the solution is quick and easy to update due to flexible structures and configuration. The solution functions as an aid not just in business operations but also in transition periods. It supports IFRS, U.S. GAAP, local GAAPs, IAS, etc.

A Great Foundation

The Financial Close & Consolidation​ Solution delivers all necessary data, for your company to perform performance management and business intelligence on your preferred platform.

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