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Currently we deliver solutions to groups and medium-large corporations in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Scientific Research and Development
  • Other Technical Business Services
  • Public Administration
  • Wholesale and Retail Trade
  • Information and Communication
  • Other

What our customers are saying

In collaboration with Wiesberg, we implemented and integrated a brand new financial performance management solution, and went live with it, in just two months. That’s what I call a slam dunk.

Martin Enevold Jensen
Head of Group Reporting and Controlling, Stark Group

We are using Wiesberg’s consolidation solution since 2002.
It's saving us a lot of time and is much more efficient compared to Excel, which was used previously. It took us days to quarterly close, now it only takes a few hours. This improvement is due to Wiesberg’s conolidation solution and our simplified structures.

Annemarie Rønn Sieck
Group Finance Manager, North Media

The setup of the solution works very well for us. Performance is reliable and the solution does exactly what it’s supposed to. It takes about 3 minutes to consolidate 32 companies when all data is uploaded.

Lars Henning
Financial Controller, Semler

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