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Wiesberg’s Reporting & Visualization Solution is based on IBM Cognos Analytics. It provides a unified platform for reporting, visualization and sharing of data and information. The solution makes self-service analytics, visualization of data, and sharing these, fast and convenient.


Transform your data into memorable storytelling. Present information in interesting ways to facilitate comprehension of vast amounts of information easily. Graphs, diagrams, geospatial mapping, voice over and interactive capabilities are some of the features available to you. IBM Cognos Analytics atomatically suggests ways in which best to present your information, through input recognition. Machine learning ensures continuous development of the software and thereby constantly improving the user experience.


Reporting provides overview and insight into the economic situation. Visualization further provides the opportunity of exploring the company data in an intuitive way, which facilitates comprehension, and helps uncover patterns, tendencies and contexts that would otherwise have stayed hidden, buried in spreadsheets. The Pattern Detection function is here to aid exactly that. Let us know what variables and dimensions are important to your company, and we will design models and templates which combine and compare across those factors.


Create interesting and intuitive reports, and share them with your intended audience. Colleagues can make a subscription or you can make reports available to different user-levels.

IBM Cognos Analytics and IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1 provide a single platform for Business Intelligence and Performance management.

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